Why Invest In Bolivia

Macroeconomic Stability

In recent years Bolivia has managed to maintain a stable economy that favors trade and investment , with sustained growth and low inflation rates. Bolivia is investing considerable financial resources in road infrastructure, linking it with neighboring countries and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, improving product transportation and trade in goods and services.

Delinquency rate in the banking sector is 1.9%, the lowest in South America.
Source: Supervision Authority of the Financial System
21.4% of international reserves in terms of GDP, one of the highest in the region.
Source: Ministry of Economy and Public Finance
1.51% of inflation, one of the lowest in South America in 2018.
Source: National Statistical Institute
In 2018, on averange 54 new Companies were created per day.
Source: Fundempresa

South America: Real GDP growth (Percentage)







The highest growth in the region in the last 5 years.

Source: National Statistical Institutes, Central Banks of each country, CEPAL and IMF