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Integration Policies

Bolivia is part of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), the Andean Community (CAN) and the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI) with a single objective of achieving a more balanced, integral development through Andean, South American and Latin American

Bolivia has the following agreements:

Andean Community
The FTZ (Free Trade Zone) has been in force since 1993.
Complete elimination of tariffs and non-tariff restrictions.

Economic Complementation Agreements (ACE 36 Bolivia - MERCOSUR)
On 07/12/2012 Bolivia began its process of joining MERCOSUR.

Economic Complementation Agreements (ACE 22 Bolivia - Chile)
Chile grants 100% tariff preferences, except for wheat, wheat flour and sugar (quota)

Economic Complementation Agreements (ACE 66 Bolivia - Mexico)
The full FTZ was reached in 2009 (+ 98% of the tariff universe),

Economic Complementation Agreements (ACE 47 Bolivia - Cuba)
100% tariff preferences for products that comply with origin.

Regional Tariff Preference (PAR Panama - Bolivia)
Panama grants to Bolivia 403 tariff sub-items with zero tariff (without reciprocity).

Economic Complementation Agreements (ACE 70 ECO-ALBA)
Agreement for the Constitution of the Economic Area of ​​ALBA-TCP signed by Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Trade Agreement between Peoples and Economic and Productive Complementarity: Bolivia - Venezuela
100% of the tariff universe, and can be modified to protect domestic and nascent industries.

Agreements to avoid double taxation signed by the Plurinational State of Bolivia
DIT Argentina-Bolivia Agreement
DIT Germany-Bolivia Agreement
DIT Sweden-Bolivia Agreement
DIT U.K-Bolivia Agreement
DIT France-Bolivia Agreement
DIT Spain-Bolivia Agreement

ALADI fosters the creation of an area of economic preferences in the region, with the ultimate goal of achieving a common Latin American market.DIT Argentina-Bolivia Agreement
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