Why Invest In Bolivia

Bolivia – Reliable Country To Invest

The National Process initiated in 2006, brought with it a series of transformations, starting with a new Political Constitution institutional reforms, approval of new laws, and CHANGES IN THE PUBLIC AND PRIVATE INSTITUTIONAL STRUCTURE  to boost the results expected by the Bolivian people.

Within these changes, there was the need to have a rule that regulates the investment promotion in Bolivia considering the new role of the State in the economy. The Investment Promotion Law aims to become an effective tool for the ATTRACTION OF INVESTMENT IN THE COUNTRY whose implementation is harmonized with the role of the state in the economy and the the New Economic, Social, Community and Productive Model.

This law recognizes the principle of legal certainty, establishing the relations between the State and investors which ARE SUBJECT TO CLEAR, ACCURATE AND DETERMINED RULES, and that relations between them are developed in conditions of independence, mutual respect and equity within the framework of sovereignty and dignity of the State.