BFC puts its meat “in the spit” and points abroad

November 21, 2018

The fattening of the Chiquitana meat industry begins to raise its first positive numbers and sets its sights abroad. The BFC refrigerator, a Bolivian company with Paraguayan capital, takes the lead in advancing the export of national meat to new markets. On this occasion, 25 tons of Bolivian meat are destined for Asia, specifically the ports of Vietnam.

The load started yesterday with the presence of the 230 workers of the BFC plant in the Santa Cruz municipality of San Ignacio de Velasco, a fact that does not go unnoticed by the Chiquitano cattle sector that already has half a million heads available only in the municipality, according to the leadership of Agasiv.

The company does not advance alone. Outside the borders of Bolivia has the support of his father; the Concepción Frigorífico, a giant of the regional market that presumes to be the main exporter of Paraguayan meat with 2,400 cattle slaughtered per day and with an economic movement that registers the figure of US$ 450 million, according to the financial and banking advisor of BFC, Mario Tejada.

The Paraguayan corporation is responsible for bringing new technologies for the takeoff of BFC in the country. Likewise, the company has sectorial approval and aims to generate a collective push that evolves the actors of the production chain, according to the General Manager, Alessandro Magno.

"For us, Bolivia is an opportunity. We arrived at a just moment where there is a very big impression on the national market and we bet to start from scratch in a country that has welcomed us with the doors open", said Magno.

Source: El Deber