Siemens will invest US$ 21 MM in a Service Center in Santa Cruz

November 16, 2018

The german technological giant Siemens, after 10 years of operations in Bolivia, decided to start the construction of a modern service and training center in Santa Cruz, for which it will invest US$ 21 million and anticipates to generate employment for approximately 130 people during the stage of construction and operation.

The fundamental stone ceremony or "Groundbreaking Ceremony" was held on november 15 in the Latin American Industrial Park, in the municipality of Warnes, where the Minister of Energy, Rafael Alarcón, and Siemens executives, Tim Holt, global CEO attended of the Power Generation Services Division; Tim Frace, Latin America CEO of the Power Generation Services Division, and John Prado, CEO of Siemens bolivia.

According to the information provided at the event, the building will be built on 9,200 square meters of land and is designed to provide high-tech traditional and digital specialized services for Siemens customers in the energy sector; in addition to providing service to the power generation equipment, with Siemens technology, installed in Bolivia and South America.

"This project was conceived with the aim of reducing delivery times by meeting urgent and / or regular requirements, improving the quality of services, maximizing the availability and reliability factors of the fleet to be closer to our customers. Giving them the possibility of conducting first-hand trainings for specialists who through our technology, realize what matters for Bolivia", said John Prado.

The new center will use the latest technology and digital solutions with an advanced monitoring, remote diagnosis and data analysis system from Siemens, which will allow monitoring all the power generation assets in the country remotely, providing information in real time about the operating conditions of the same; for later, by analyzing data from Siemens, make recommendations to improve performance and help extend the life of power plants.

"A sustainable and reliable energy supply is vital to enable economic prosperity in Bolivia," said Tim Holt. "As the demand for energy increases, this new service center, with its advanced digital operations and state-of-the-art monitoring, will serve as a catalyst to maintain and optimize the performance of power plants throughout the country and throughout South America. "

Siemens executives reported that the company is implementing its power generation technology to substantially expand three combined cycle plants in Bolivia: Termoeléctrica del Sur, Termoeléctrica de Warnes and Termoeléctrica Entre Ríos. As part of a collaboration between Siemens and Bolivia's Ministry of Energy, this project will add more than one gigawatt (GW) of capacity to the local power grid, substantially increasing the installed power generation capacity of the bolivian national interconnected system. The proximity of this new service and training center will allow to support these ambitious projects together with others in the region.

"Siemens is working to make a reliable energy supply a reality for the bolivian population and lay the foundations for future exports. With the aforementioned projects, electricity generation in Bolivia is projected to almost double, from 8.7 TW/h in 2014 to 14.2 TW/h in 2026, which will allow planned exports of electricity to its neighboring countries, making it a reality the country's goal of becoming the energy center of South America", concluded John Prado.

Source: Energy Press